Deviant Design Group Discounts Updated

Posted: November 15, 2010 by Aurelia Christenson in Clothing, Freebie Finds, Group Gifts, Hair, Shoes
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Rosie has updated the group discount items at Deviant Design. The first one is the Deviant Designs Hoodie in black/white (above) Now I have fallen in love with this 😀 Its so cute! It can be yours too for 75 Izzies (regular 150I’z)

The April hairstyle fatpack (all colors!-above) Is the next group discounted item. The normal price is 700 I’z. Group Members* can receive it for 350 I’z

And last, but certainly not least are the Bailar Heels in Red. A very sexy stiletto strapped heel. These cost 225 I’z. Rosie also added two other group gifts to the giftie table: A pair of Jeans and “Virginia” a pair of Limited Edition Halloween shoes[I’ll add those later]


I was like a kid in a candy store 😀 Meters and Meters of clothes, begging to be bought. Nonetheless, I had to be on my best behavior…but I will be returning -giggles- here are just a few of my fave pieces:




Remember: The fair will run until December 6th. If you have not done so already, you should check it out :3 (limo below)

To the Creators Fair

Simply Fae-tastic

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I picked up this outfit (Lyra Outfit) from Evie’s Closet, for 50 Izzies. Although I am not a fae, I thought it was too cute to pass by. My bestie,Emilie would be proud 😛 Want one? Just take the limo

PS: I will be posting the pics for some of the products I bought from the Creators Fair, stay tuned 🙂


To Evie’s Closet

The 2010 Creators Fair has made its way to IW, and you better believe I am on my way 😛 The fair will spotlight some of IW’s Elite Designers, Artists, etc. The fair began about 3 days ago and will run until December 6th in the Magic Isle Region. Hope to see you there, now I must go stock up on some Izzies as I fear this will turn into a shopping spree >.< lol Limo's below
To the Creators Fair

Group Gift!

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I went back to Chic Boutique to look for some awesome jeans when I found the Summer Love Tops (above) the four tops are all included in the pack. It is a free gift, but you must have your Chic Boutique tag activated. The sign is located toward the back of the shop.

I went into “Chic Boutique” in Carson City And over on the wall, saw the Color Me tops. 4 styles are included in the package (above). The best part of these is they are tintable. That’s perfect if you want to mix and match (which is something I love to do :3).

Right next to the tintable tops are the Color Me tintable Jackets. There are two styles in the package (above). To make things even better, the tops and jackets are only 1 izzie each :O !!!!! However, you must have the Chic Boutique group tag activated before making the purchase. Otherwise, you will just be refunded the 1 izzie. You may be also wondering about the jeans:

I. LOVE. THESE. JEANS!!!!!! They are the Heritage Jeans, also from CB. These are an absolute steal, at 75 Izzies. Your limo is below 😀
To Chic Boutique

Well hello there, Black Polishers 😀 Aurie reporting in with a destination spotlight. Are you looking for a scenic forest-y environment to go to for some alone time or some time with your loved one? Then “The Park” is the place for you. With its lovely waterfalls, florals, tons of poseballs, etc. It’s definitely a place where you could find yourself spending hours there :3 Adjacent to The Park is Wisteria Falls. I would see this as more of a “lover’s environment”, because it’s loaded with couples dances and cuddles (and, ahem “other” poseballs too ._.). Oh, did I mention there are also Freebie finds in the park regionThis is an Adult sim btw. Take a look at the slideshow below.

To The Park (You’ll land in Wisteria Falls)
The Park (the freebie shops)
Slideshow 😀

In case You haven’t heard…

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Ayla Holt‘s “The Mall” Region will be closing on Friday, October 29th. The region and the corresponding group’s owner will now be Karmen Harris

The following stores will be having a “Closing Sale”, where the items will be 25 Izzies or less:

Tickle Trunk-costumes
Snooze -pj’s
MIA-mens clothing
Panties Optional -womens clothing

According to Holt, IW is the only grid where these stores will be open. So, after the 29th, they will NEVER be open again on here or any other grid. The adjacent “Park” SIM and her Lotsa Balls Store will be the only things to remain open. The Lotsa Balls Store has been moved to the Starfall Region. There is a LM giver when you arrive to The Mall Sim, I shall also provide the slurl below. The closing stores are indicated with a large yellow “Closing Sale” box above them. So hurry, you have until Friday!

The Mall Region
New Lotsa Balls Location

Ready for Halloween???

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I sure am 😀 Especially with this Miss Halloween Dress, [a dress with an orange bodice & gloves, and a black ruffled skirt (2 skirt options)] I found at London Core. The dress is normally 250 izzies. But just for group members, it is…….10 I’z..yes, 10 :O To get the discounted price, you must have the London Core group tag activated. Not only would this dress be cute on Halloween, it’s just cute to wear any day of the week/month/year :3 Hurry and get yours before this deal ends.

To the Dress

Destination Spotlight: Ivory Tower

Posted: October 17, 2010 by Aurelia Christenson in Destination Spotlight

In the region of Fantasia, high in the clouds, sits an exquisite tower known simply as the Ivory Tower of Fantasia. I was completely intrigued by this structure. From the colors, to the center piece. While there are no poseballs or anything of that sort, I still think it’s a wonderful place to take your partner, or to go on your own for some reflection time. I went and found myself spending nearly an hour there! Here’s a direct quote from a NC by the creator about the tower:

“Ivory Tower” is often associated with intellectuals or business people who are far removed from the ground where the rest of us live. In this case, I have lifted our Diversity up to the stars. Each of us has the Divine within, so we, too, can gaze down and appreciate our Realm.

for the full info on the tower, take the limo below.

More Ivory Tower Pics
To the Tower